Time To Call


Time To Call is a mobile app focused on helping people get aware of when is the proper time to call their contacts. As people in different areas, they are also in various time zone. Whenever you want to call your contacts, it has been hard to keep every persons' time zone in mind. Just imagine you break their sweet dreams or disturb their core meetings. It's rude and should be avoided. Time To Call automatically calculate the diffences between your contacts and your local time zone so that you can always track the current time in your contacts'area. If you don't want to get interrupted, you can just simply switch the status to inconvenient. Time To Call will block all the incoming phone calls for you.


The wireframe is highly focused on reducing the steps for users to set things up and make users use it as easily as normal phone calls. Sync the schedules from local device is also a featured function. Ideally it can set schedule in various time zones and notify users in their local time.

Adding Events Interaction

Since adding events feature is designed to be as simple as possible, I was trying to create unique interaction based on the timeline of the events so that users can clearly know the order of their future events after they click the save button.

Proof Of Concept

After testing and reconsidering the user tasks, I have made the time zone screen simply focused on displaying the main information instead of combining the list of contacts. Contact screen also divides your contacts in different time zones and shows the availability status of users contacts.